Unlocking rangeLand Potential

Australian Natural Capital uses unique, proprietary systems that enable superior animal production, soil carbon sequestration, accuracy of measurement & quality in measurement, verification and reporting (MRV). This makes soil carbon accessible at large scales, maximises agricultural returns and land values, minimises cost for soil carbon projects and delivers more ACCUs.

Combined with practical implementation for landholders and quality delivery systems, this makes soil carbon very attractive.

Why Australian natural capital?

Australian Natural Capital leads the way in a best-for-production and best-for-proprerty approach for large scale grazing operations. This brings together superior grazing and soil carbon credit systems, and superior quality in delivery.


Our projects directly help achieve 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ANC's Australian Rangeland Credits (ARCs) enable ACCUs to be marketed as superior carbon credits, because of these arguably unparalleled benefits.

Increased agricultural asset value and production, landscape health, and diversified revenue streams.

Practical for implementation at large scales, with a variety of commercial frameworks

optimal ACCU generation

Australian Natural Capital’s proprietary system maximises returns for our clients by generating more ACCUs per project.

Lower, tailored commission structure, ensures more cost-effective projects.

Precision measurement

Australian Natural Capital is a leader in soil carbon measurement.

Precision: Patented systems, proprietary technology, and cutting-edge methodologies, reduce measurement variability.

Accuracy: Building Australia’s most comprehensive soil carbon database 
(1.7 M hectares and counting).

Scalability: Ability to monitor soil carbon at any scale, from individual farms to multi station operations.

Compliance: Vetted and approved by the Clean Energy Regulator auditors.

Natures Equity's Grazing Naturally System

Significant production improvements can be gained through grazing management. ANC's endorses Grazing Naturally superior system for practical, effective grazing management.

Grazing Naturally's
unique grazing techniques optimise pasture quality and quantity, which sequesters carbon to build soil structure and create a stable form of soil carbon in Humus.

ANC exclusively applies Grazing Naturally to soil carbon projects.

grazing patterns

Grazing Naturally improves animal production using leading grazing management practices (a form of rational grazing) to deliver healthier, vibrant, more palatable plants.


The varied natural patterns of grazing used in the Grazing Naturally system enhance the grazing organic community and soil life. This develops natural grasslands and grassy open forests with healthy, vibrant plants and animals, and soils that are deep and high in carbon.

The Grazing Naturally system also mitigates pasture dieback and manages woody regrowth.

liquid carbon

Humus, a carbon based compound created by soil biota from animal dung and root exudates, holds mineral particles apart creating 'space' in the soil. Keeping plants green and youthful drives the flow of liquid carbon into the soil to feed the soil building biological community. This makes Grazing Naturally more profitable for animal production, and has the co-benefit of maximising soil carbon sequestration which can be verified as carbon credits.

carbon project delivery

Australian Natural Capital's unique measurement technology maximises the accuracy of soil carbon measurement, enabling landholders to benefit from lower costs and more carbon verified. With a focus on quality assurance and externally audited processes, Australian Natural Capital provides a structured framework for ACCU generation.

Increases in soil carbon facilitate improved soil health, which benefits agricultural productivity, and the environment.

Soil carbon projects benefit livestock health by improving pasture quality and forage availability. Healthier soils support the growth of nutritious pastures, contributing to better animal nutrition and productivity.

By sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into soil, this helps manage emissions for landholders, and global efforts to minimise the impact of climate change.

quality and Compliance

Australian Natural Capital is a signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, and is proceeding with becoming ISO9001 certified.

Our quality and compliance systems are designed to respect large landholders, corporate entities and investors that require this of their providers.

maximise productivity with Australian rangeland credits

Discover why generating Australian Rangeland Credits, as a form of ACCUs with co-benefits, are arguably an unparalleled form of carbon credits.