Revolutionising Grazing enterprises

The founders of Australian Natural Capital (ANC) had a strong belief that improving agricultural production should occur hand in hand with solving climate change. That capturing CO2 & converting it to Soil Carbon in Australia’s Rangelands (one of the worlds largest carbon sinks) was achievable through implementing leading grazing practices.


Our Journey So Far

Australian Natural Capital's expertise is in Soil Carbon, which improves food production. Our experience is built on a rich history.  From agricultural beginnings to leading the field in soil measurement technology, complex soil remediation solutions, delivering new international frameworks on soil compliance all set in heavily regulated environments.  Our proprietary technology & cutting edge methodologies delivers precision measurement thereby reducing measurement variability of soil carbon & delivering more ACCU’s at a lower cost.

1 project registered.

14 projects progressing across Australia covering 3 M hectares.

Shaping the future of soil science in collaboration with Curtin University and other esteemed institutions.

Mar 2024

Compliance - Clean Energy Regulator Auditor

Oct 2023

Successful demonstration of Soil Measurement Technologies

Oct 2023

Signatory to Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct

Mar 2022

Comprehensive & Proprietary Soil Database reaches 1.7 M HA & growing.

Feb 2020

Australian Natural Capital Pty Ltd was founded.

Apr 2018

2018 Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast) implementation of leading soil measurement technology with Queensland Government.


the founders

The establishment of Australian Rangeland Credits™ enables superior, economic conversion of sequestered carbon into a premium commodity (ACCU or equivalent).  It ensures Landowners can now offset Beef heard emissions, delivering Carbon Positive Beef & the potential for Climate Active certification. It also brings complimentary environmental benefits to improve drought resilience, help fight climate change and biodiversity loss.

The ANC Team focus on superior returns for landowners and positive outcomes for Australia’s Rangelands with a view to solve the Gigatonne problem for the next generation of Australians.

Ben Lodge

Matt Brown


Find answers to commonly asked questions about soil carbon projects and investing with Australian Natural Capital.

What is soil carbon?

Soil carbon refers to the carbon stored in the soil through the process of photosynthesis, which is enhanced with grazing. It plays a crucial role in improving soil health, increasing plant growth, and providing better quality feed for livestock.

Why is soil carbon an attractive investment?

Soil carbon offers significant benefits. It helps increase agricultural production and improve land value, it arguably provides unparalleled co-benefits, it reduces emissions accountabilty risks, it creates an additional source of income from generating Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), and it demonstrates sustainable farming practices.

How does Grazing Naturally work?

The Grazing Naturally system that Australian Natural Capital recommends is well proven, and involves changes to herd management that improve animal production and optimise soil carbon sequestration.

What are ACCUs?

ACCUs are carbon credits generated through the measurement, reporting and verification of soil carbon sequestration. ACCUs are a high integrity commodity that can be sold in the market. They provide an additional revenue stream for landowners, and are able to be used in accounting for emissions.