Australian rangeland Credits™

Australian Rangeland Credits™ (ARCs) are an innovative initiative by Australian Natural Capital, aimed at transforming land management in Australia.


The Power of Australian Rangeland CreditsTM

Landowners can use increased animal production to facilitate soil carbon sequestration, improve pastures & soil health, and generate additional revenue streams.

ARCs represent carbon credits with significant co-benefits (arguably unparalleled), including improved production and no locked-up land.

The verified carbon credits can be sold as ACCUs.

Carbon credits (ACCUs) that improve production. No locking up land

Increase animal productivity and carrying capacity

Improve agricultural asset value

Improve soil health and pasture quality

Create new income streams

Reduce potential exposure to Regulatory Risk (eg. from methane emissions) through creation of ACCUs

Accelerate Corporate Sustainability and Social Licence. Deliver ESG solutions

maximise productivity with Australian rangeland credits

Discover why we believe ARCs are an attractive pathway to Greener Pastures.