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Australian Natural Capital


Australian Natural Capital was founded to help improve production, reverse land degradation and create additional revenue for landholders from the by-product improvements in natural capital.


With this overarching objective, ANC has developed systems and technologies to achieve this and overcome critical road blocks. In addition to helping with production, these techniques have complimentary benefits of helping fight climate change, biodiversity loss, improve drought resilience and address other issues that are increasing in focus and can be used to generate revenue.

What we do is capture the revenue that aligns with improved production, and optimise approaches for the best outcome as a whole when looking at production, revenue and long term value of a property or operation.


We have tended to focus on large scale operations, however what we do generally applies at most scales. A particular interest of ours is soil carbon, because increasing it has so many benefits  and there are practical ways to sequester it. To address a major impediment to soil carbon we have developed technology to measure it cost effectively at scale in accordance with robust regulatory requirements so that it can be captured as a premium commodity. 

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Australia has a unique regulatory framework that enables landholders and industries to capitalise on Natural Capital improvements that align with land production gains.

Several of Australia's policies are typically considered to be world leading, including for Soil Carbon Credits. It was in Australia that the world's first "Tier 1" Soil Carbon Credits were delivered (on a small scale).

ANC's  technologies utilise these frameworks to capitalise on the potential benefits, and focus on ways that are attractive and low risk to landholders.

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ANC's techniques have been developed to help improve productive capacity & land resilience, and provide complimentary revenue streams by doing so.


Broadly speaking we've developed them to help:


  • maximise overall revenue, taking into account operations

  • reduce trial and error

  • reduce the potential for any carbon projects to be a legacy constraint on the land

  • benefit from any untapped / potential value that's generated on a well run operation

If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to us. 

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