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Legacy, production, true gain

Australian Natural Capital


Australian Natural Capital was founded to help reverse land degradation, improve production and create additional revenue for landholders.


With this overarching objective, ANC has developed techniques to achieve this where there are fundamental road blocks. Generally these techniques have complimentary benefits of helping fight climate change, biodiversity loss, drought resilience and addressing other land stewardship issues that are becoming relevant commercially.

To target maximum impact we have tended to focus on large scale operations, however what we do generally applies at most scales. A particular interest of ours is soil carbon, because increasing it has so many benefits. 

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Australia is a world leader

Australia has a unique regulatory framework that enables landholders and industries to capitalise on Natural Capital improvements that align with land production gains.

Several of Australia's policies are typically considered to be world leading, including for Soil Carbon Credits. It was in Australia that the world's first "Tier 1" Soil Carbon Credits were delivered (on a small scale).

ANC's  technologies are targeted at large scale landholdings and provide opportunities for landholders, investors and industry to capitalise on the potential benefits through approaches that are generally attractive and low risk to landholders.

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Untapped Resource?

Natural Capital is a way of thinking about nature as a stock that provides a flow of benefits
to people and the economy. It consists of natural capital assets, such as water, forests and
clean air that provide humans with the means for healthy lives and enable economic activity.#


Australian landscapes have significant natural asset pools that when improved also improve primary production. With judicious management, increased production and land resilience generates highly sought after Natural Capital, which when appropriately verified becomes a tradeable commodity.

Verifiable improvements in land production, such as increased soil fertility and pasture biomass create these "co-benefits". These co-benefits can provide substantial additional revenue streams for landholders and increase production, resilience and land value.

# Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure: A practical guide for financial institutions, Natural Capital Finance Alliance and UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Geneva, Oxford and Cambridge), 2018.

Production, Finance & Natural Systems: 

Working Together

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ANC's techniques have been developed to help improve productive capacity & land resilience, and provide complimentary revenue streams by doing so.


Broadly speaking we've developed them to help:


  • maximise overall revenue, taking into account operations

  • reduce trial and error

  • reduce the potential for any carbon projects to be a legacy constraint on the land

  • benefit from any untapped / potential value that's generated on a well run operation

Examples include:

Increased soil carbon:

= increased fertility = improved production

= increased infiltration = increased rainfall efficiency

= carbon removed from atmosphere = Natural Capital

Improved production

= increased weight gain = reduced herd emissions = Natural Capital

Improved water quality

= Natural Capital (in some regions)

= improved weight gains = Natural Capital

We specifically target increased production in the rangelands and on large scale landholdings, and utilise our world leading soil carbon verification method to efficiently secure Tier 1 carbon credits at scale.

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What is Natural Capital?

A Commodity to be Developed and Harnessed

The International Institute for Sustainable Development defines Natural Capital as:


The land, air, water, living organisms and all formations of the Earth's biosphere that provide us with ecosystem goods and services imperative for survival and well-being. Furthermore, it is the basis for all human economic activity.


Industry, Investment, Government

Improving land's Natural Capital in a way that improves productivity is a win-win for landholders. Increased Natural Capital, when appropriately verified, generates additional revenue streams, and improves core business profits and resilience.


Verifying Natural Capital gains enables companies and governments and society to achieve increasingly burdensome environmental commitments.


Achieving emissions reduction through improvements in Natural Capital facilitates investment in regional economies, primary producers, our global food security, and climate resilience.

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Global Solutions

in an uncertain environment

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